SONA Law Corporation is a digital law firm.

We know data and we know the law, but we don’t like wasting time or resources. 

Virtual Workforce
Virtual Workforce

These are unprecedented times. Climate change is the real deal. Resources are finite. Technology offers solutions like never before. But the legal industry is stuck in the past.

The solution, to SONA, is being a “digital” law firm, which means we only use offices when necessary, so that we consume less energy.

It means we use a hybrid workforce, enabling our team to focus on delivering great work product, not burning fossil fuels to beat the morning commute.

It means we leverage tech to facilitate better due diligence, easier communications, streamlined practice management, document execution, and increased cost efficiencies. Not to mention the paper we save. Again, fossil fuels.

It means our team collaborates effectively with clients over large distances and under any circumstances.

It does not mean we will never see you in person, and it does not mean we never use an office. Nothing is completely virtual and even the best teams require real face time.

It means we focus on solutions, not billing. It means we actually give a sh*t. SONA. For those, who, like us, force their own damn luck. 

– Dave McCuaig, Esq., CIPP/US, Founder and Managing Attorney

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